Help Wanted

Have you ever wanted to give back but didn't have money from your own pocket? Here's your chance to help. We need sponsors and we need volunteers.

Sponsors - We need sponsors to cover costs. If you know of a business that may be interested in becoming a sponsor contact me, Joe Wasser, at Packages will be available that include having their name on the back of the shirt and a spot to show themselves off on race day. Of course they will also be listed on the sponsors page here.

Volunteers - There are 2 opportunities to volunteer time.

Before Race Day - We need to get the word out. We need folks to help man a tent at a few other races to get the word out and to pass out flyers. We also need flyers posted everywhere and I do mean everywhere. A printable flyer will be available on this site later. Look back here for details soon.

Race Day - We will need folks for everything from registration to water stations to cheering. Yes cheering. This is a wonderful course and all you have to do is stand at the side and cheer them on. Let's thank these folks for supporting us by supporting them.

If you have sponsors or wish to volunteer please drop an email to